5 Truck Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Engine Survives the Winter

5 Truck Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Engine Survives the Winter 5 Truck Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Engine Survives the Winter The colder months can be tough on your truck and especially tough on your truck’s engine. Follow these truck maintenance tips to get through the winter. Keyword(s): truck maintenance There are over 51,000 unfilled truck driving jobs in the United States. 
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The colder months can be tough on your truck and especially tough on your truck’s engine. Follow these truck maintenance tips to get through the winter.

There are over 51,000 unfilled truck driving jobs in the United States. Many trucking companies are starting to offer large sign-on bonuses to attract new drivers. The key to having success in this line of work is keeping the truck you drive in good shape.

Failing to provide a diesel engine with the care it deserves will result in it become unstable and damaged. During the winter months, the engine in your truck will be exposed to very unforgiving conditions. Instead of losing money due to a damaged engine, you need to focus on providing your truck with the maintenance it needs.

If you are unsure about how to perform this truck maintenance, hiring professionals is a great idea. A diesel mechanic will have no problem performing the necessary repairs and maintenance a truck needs.

The following are some of the things you need to do to keep your diesel engine running well throughout the winter months.

1. Keeping Your Engine Block Warm Overnight

One of the most important parts of a diesel engine is its fuel system. Most people fail to realize that diesel fuel contains trace amounts of Paraffin wax. As the fuel gets colder, the Paraffin will begin to gel and can cause a number of problems.

If you are going to be leaving your engine at rest for a while, then you need to take proper precautions to avoid this problem. While there are a number of fuel additives you can use to fix this issue, your best bet is to invest in an engine block heater.

With this heater, you can keep your fuel liquified. This not only will help to keep the injectors free of Paraffin gel, it can make your engine run more efficient as well. The money paid for a quality engine heater will be worth it in the long run.

2. Oil Checking and Changing is Considered Essential Truck Maintenance

The diesel engine in your truck has a number of internal components. In order for these components to work as intended, they will need proper lubrication. This lubrication is provided by the oil that is circulating throughout your engine.

The colder the temperatures outside is, the harder it will be for your oil to perform its job of lubricating internal engine components. The cold allows the oil to thicken up, which reduces its effectiveness.

The best way to avoid lubrication issues during the winter months is by switching to an oil that is thinner. By switching to a higher weight oil, you can keep the internal parts of your engine lubricated regardless of how cold it is outside. Consulting with an experienced diesel mechanic can help you decide what type of oil is the best fit for your needs.

3. Get Your Braking Components Inspected Regularly

Driving on an icy road is something most truckers do on a regular basis. The only way to avoid sliding all over the road in icy conditions is to have a functional braking system. As time goes by, the braking components on your vehicle will begin to wear out.

When going in for truck maintenance, you need to make sure the mechanic inspects your braking system thoroughly. During this inspection, the mechanic will be able to tell which components are worn and need to be replaced.

Trying to drive the roadways of America with work braking components can put you and other motorists in a lot of danger. If you start to notice squeaking noises when trying to bring your truck to a stop, chances are it is time for some new brake parts. With the help of a reputable mechanic, getting new brake parts installed in a hurry will be easy.

4. Assessing the Condition of Your Tires

Keeping a firm grip on the road is only possible with good working tires. Most truck drives put thousands of miles on their rigs each year. Over time, the tires on a truck will begin to show signs of wear and will have to be replaced.

Before embarking on a trip, you will need to take the time to check your tire pressure and assess how much tread this vital part of your vehicle. If you notice the tread is almost gone and the tire pressure is consistently low, it is probably time for some new tires. Getting a second opinion from an experienced mechanic can help you decide whether or not you need to buy new tires.

When choosing new tires for your trick, you need to avoid skimping on quality. While higher-quality tires are more expensive, they are definitely worth the money. Having quality tires on your truck will help to increase stopping power and can actually keep you safer while behind the wheel.

5. Getting Your Battery and Alternator Checked

Without a functional charging system, you will be unable to start and run your truck. As time goes by, the cells in your battery will begin to dry out, which makes the battery unusable. Often times, extremely hot or cold weather can make the cells in a battery dry out quickly.

When going in for truck maintenance, you should talk to your mechanic about checking your battery and alternator. The results of this test can help you figure out whether either of these components needs to be replaced. Catching issues with these components ahead of time can help you avoid breaking down on the side of the road.

Working With an Experienced Mechanic is Essential

The best way to avoid mistakes during the truck maintenance process is by hiring an experienced mechanic. These professionals can get this work done quickly and correctly.

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