10 Signs It May Be Time for a New Truck Engine

10 Signs It May Be Time for a New Truck Engine

It’s not every day that a truck engine gives out. But, it’s best to replace your engine before it gets to that point! Here are 10 signs you need to buy a new one

The truck driving life isn’t an easy one, it takes a special kind of person. And big trucks aren’t cheap. Keeping them running smoothly when you’re adding up the miles takes regular maintenance and care. But even with careful driving and ongoing maintenance, engines and parts wear down and require replacement.

One of the most expensive parts to rebuild or repair is the truck engine. Thankfully there are signs you can keep an eye out for that hint at engine damage.

If you’re concerned about your truck’s performance, review these 10 signs that it may be time for a new truck engine.

1. Your Check Engine Light Goes On

One of the clearest indicators that your truck engine requires maintenance is the dreaded check engine light. Though the potential issues will vary in severity, any time the light goes on, you should have your engine checked. Take your truck into a trusted mechanic and ask for an engine diagnostic service.

If your check engine light actually starts flashing, the problem could be a lot more serious. If this happens, stop driving your truck as soon as you’re able, and call a tow truck and a friend to take you home.

2. You’re Noticing Lots Of Noise Coming From Your Truck Engine

If your engine is making noises, it’s not a good sign. An issue with the combustion flow is usually to blame. You might hear strange hissing noises, knocking sounds, or popping. If your truck engine is making any of these sounds, don’t delay in getting it checked out soon.

3. You Experience A Loss Of Power

Internal combustion engines run on four-strokes including the compression stroke, the intake stroke, the exhaust stroke, and the combustion stroke. These strokes help to convert gasoline into power which in turn moves your vehicle. If you experience a loss of power, this is likely due to a problem with the stroke process.

4. An Excess Of Smoke

You might not notice it yourself, but if someone else mentions that your truck’s tailpipe is blowing a lot of smoke, you might need a new engine. If the smoke is dark and heavy, this is also an indicator of an engine in need of replacement.

Plus, you never want to be the driver that is blowing a ton of heavy exhaust for the drivers behind you to take in. So if you’re noticing a lot of smoke coming from your tailpipe, it’s time to take your truck in.

5. There Are Strong Smells Present

If your internal combustion is struggling, the exhaust that your truck puts off will be paired with a strong, offensive odor. Don’t ignore the odor if you notice it, hoping that it will go away on its own. This smell is a hint of more serious problems with your truck engine and a sign that you could be in need of an engine replacement.

6. Your Engine Keeps Running After You’ve Turned Off The Ignition

Often referred to as “run-on and dieseling”, a common engine problem is an engine that continues to run even after the ignition has been turned off. This occurs when the octane level in the gasoline isn’t right.

This issue is particularly common among high-performance vehicles. If you notice your engine continues to run after you’ve parked and turned off the ignition, it’s time to get it checked out.

7. Your Gas Mileage Is Suffering

Fuel for vehicles, especially large trucks, is already expensive enough. But when your engine isn’t working properly it will use up even more gasoline than usual. Check your gas gage regularly and be aware of any changes in how frequently you need to fill up.

If your gas mileage isn’t what it used to be, this might be due to engine deficiencies. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll require an engine rebuild, but it might. Find a repair shop or person that you trust to help you diagnose the issue.

8. A Loss Of Compression

If your truck is misfiring, you might have a loss of compression, in which case a complete engine rebuilt or replacement is your only option. Misfiring is frustrating and it’s bad for the health of your engine, so always pay attention when you start your truck up to see if you notice any signs of misfiring. If so, take your vehicle in before it gets much worse.

9. Oil Issues

When you’re replacing the oil in your truck and you notice oil on your pin, this is a sign that your engine isn’t functioning at full capacity. Oil sludge is wasted oil or coolant that has not been used and is often a red flag of more serious issues going on with the engine. If you come across oil on your pin when changing your oil, the need for a new truck engine might be in your future.

10. Burning Through Oil Too Quickly

Another oil problem that pops up when your engine is struggling is when your vehicle requires oil changes too frequently.

Getting an oil change is a normal part of regular truck maintenance. But if it seems like your truck goes through oil too often, you might need an engine replacement or rebuild.

Roughly speaking, you should need about 1 quart of oil for every 1,000 miles driven. So if it’s a lot more than that, it’s time to get things checked out.

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