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Disclaimers for E-Commerce and Authorized Resellers

For customers and resellers at checkout

It is important that you read carefully and understand the following terms of use. By clicking the “I Agree” button, you confirm your agreement to be bound by these terms. If you do not click the “I Agree” button when placing your order, your order will not be processed.

By purchasing this product, you certify and agree to use FTP manufactured products only in a manner that fully complies with all laws, regulations and other applicable legal requirements, will not use FTP manufactured products in any other manner or for any other application, and otherwise agree to be bound by and consent to the terms set forth herein. Such certification and agreement encompasses, but is not limited to, compliance with all laws, regulations or other applicable legal requirements pertaining to vehicle emissions, which are applicable at any time whatsoever and in any manner whatsoever, regarding or in connection with FTP manufactured products, including without limitation their use.

The following terms of use include a summary of certain key legal requirements applicable to the use of FTP manufactured products. It does not purport to summarize or explain all such legal requirements. You will review such legal requirements and be knowledgeable about them.

U.S. emissions laws prohibit tampering with, disabling, disconnecting, or removing factory-installed emissions control devices and equipment from pollution-controlled vehicles. These legal prohibitions cover the use of all sorts of emissions-control defeat devices and products, including but not limited to so-called EGR delete and DPF delete pipes, products and kits (collectively, “Emissions Defeat Products”). Furthermore, state and federal laws prohibit bypassing, defeating, or rendering inoperative any control system (i.e., computer software, electronic control system, emission control system, computer logic), and/or control system calibrations, and/or the results of systems interactions, and/or hardware items on a motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine, as defined in 40 C.F.R. § 86.1803-01, installed on a vehicle in compliance with the Clean Air Act.

FTP products are sold for specific vehicle applications. For the avoidance of doubt, FTP products may not be used as Emission Defeat Products and the misuse of FTP products is strictly prohibited. All customers are obligated to comply with all applicable Clean Air Act laws and regulations, and all other applicable federal or state laws regarding the use of FTP products. FTP reserves the right to report any activity that it reasonably suspects violates any law or regulation and to disclose any information to law enforcement officials or regulators or other appropriate third parties.