Going Full-Tilt: Boost Your Horsepower With Performance Truck Parts

Going Full-Tilt: Boost Your Horsepower With Performance Truck Parts

Going Full - Tilt: Boost Your Horsepower With Performance Truck Parts
Looking for a way to rev up your vehicle’s horsepower? Look no further than full-tilt performance truck parts!

While some people think that horsepower is just about the strength of an engine and its torque, it has a lot to do with the efficiency of a vehicle. When you’ve got the right performance truck parts to help you improve your truck’s horsepower, you’re also keeping it working at its optimum level.

Aftermarket truck part manufacturers benefit by looking at the finished product and finding ways to improve on good systems.

Here are six parts that give you what you’re looking for when you’re optimizing your truck.

1. Change Your Filter

Not all air filters are created equally. If you want to get the most horsepower out of your truck, you need to consider the kind of filter you’re using.

More horsepower comes with more efficient air filtration. To get more air and fuel moving throughout your engine, a better filter can do the trick.

There are high-performance air filters that offer the ability to keep air flowing better. You need air to flow freely into your engine to keep your truck moving.

A high-performance filter ensures that your truck is performing at it’s ideal.

2. Try Cold-Air Intake

Cold-air intake keeps that vital air flowing throughout your system. Cold air is denser than warm air and offers a major boost to your system.

When you add cold air to your system, it gives you much more power.

If you add a cold-air intake system, you end up routing cold air from the outside. That air helps your engine’s combustion by giving an extra bit of boost to the flame.

That air feeds the engine with a colder and denser power than you’d get normally. To get more horsepower and run more efficiently, a cold-air intake system is the way to go.

3. Try Performance Headers and Exhaust

You need to get more air into your engine but you need to get the air out of it as well. In order to get back out of your engine, a cat-back exhaust system is going to help to lower your back pressure.

Performance exhaust headers add to the system by reducing the back pressure from the exhaust, amplifying the cat-back’s work.

When you install headers, expect to be taking on a big job. It’s no small effort to remove the parts needed for this project and pulling apart an engine is going to take time. If you don’t know your engine in and out, it’s going to be a challenge to take it apart and put it all back together.

Don’t install a header unless you’ve done a professional grade repair before. Otherwise, leave it to a professional so that you don’t make matters worse.

4. Try an Electronic Ignition

There are a lot of different ignitions out there. Most of the standard factory-issued ones give you a standard spark that’s good enough to get your car started.

However, if you want to get more horsepower, you need to have a hotter spark.

A lot of the aftermarket ignitions out there give a hotter spark. When you use an electronic kit, you get rid of the breaker points that are found on older vehicles.

These points lead to inefficiencies that keep you from reaching maximum horsepower.

If your vehicle truck runs without a distributor, there are hotter coil-on-pack ignitions out there. See what’s available for improving your ignition performance and giving your engine the jump it needs to get moving.

5. Fuel Delivery Matters

There are myriad different types of fuel delivery systems. The fuel delivery system you use determines the economy of your system and how hard it works.

When you have to use more fuel for the same amount of horsepower, you’re going to be going a lot slower and struggle for the horsepower you want.

Older trucks should be outfitted with aftermarket tools to ensure that they’re using the best possible fuel delivery. While some trucks are sold touting the kind of fuel delivery system they have, it’s often overlooked.

So long as it works, most manufacturers don’t worry too much about the details.

Your fuel delivery system needs to optimize your fuel and air balance. You’ll get more velocity through the kind of mixture that your system gives you.

Combined with your cold-air intake system, you’ll be able to get more power from your engine. You need to be able to mix that cooler and denser air in so that your engine works as efficiently as possible with the fuel you give it.

6. Look At Your Computer-Controlled System

If your vehicle has a computer-controlled engine, there are ways to reprogram them and get the most out of your system. If you have computer controlled delivery and advance timing, you can tweak your system to make them work more efficiently.

Get yourself a handheld reprogrammer to optimize your advance timing and fix it to the needs of your truck. A reprogrammer is able to optimize your electronic diesel control, managing your fuel economy and optimizing your fuel delivery.

When you improve these things, your horsepower improves through basic efficiency.

While most trucks run with a standard transmission, there are automatic systems on the road that drivers love. If you’re one of those drivers, a reprogrammer gives you the option to change the shift points on your transmission.

When you switch around your shift points, you’ll get more out of each gear.

Follow the instructions as you make changes like this. The engine performance parameters can’t handle drastic changes easily.

Performance Truck Parts Make Work Easier

If you use your truck for work or taking long drives, you need to get the most out of your engine. As you go up and down mountains and highways, it’s vital that your performance truck parts work to help you get where you need to go.

When you combine the right parts with the right engine, you’ll drive noticeably better and go from gear to gear with ease.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, check out our guide for more tips.