About Full Tilt Performance

From humble beginnings in the home shop of seasoned truck driver Terry Hummel, Full Tilt Performance today is revolutionizing the trucking industry.


While working on an engine for one of his son's drag racing cars some years back, Terry found if he ported and ceramic-coated the exhaust manifold, it resulted in an increase in miles per gallon.  The owner of Hummel Trucking and a 25-year legacy trucker himself, Terry decided to apply the same principle to his truck.  The results were stunning - not only was he getting better fuel mileage, but more power too.  His father, Gary, requested the same thing for his truck, and relized the same results.


Word spread.  When oil prices began to increase, Terry was asked to port, polish and ceramic-coat exhaust manifolds for other drivers and fleets.  Demand became so high for Terry's brand of exhaust manifolds that, in time, he set out to establish an official business.


Today, Full Tilt Performance is the premier manufacturer of American-made performance parts for the industry's top truckers.  From exhaust manifolds to Bully Dog ECM tuners to turbochargers, Full Tilt Performance strives to produce top-quality performance parts for the everyday driver at affordable prices.


The company headquarters in a spacious new manufacturing facility in Jackson, Minn., and boasts a dedicated crew of more than two dozen employees - including Terry's sons, Jacob and Randy, and Tanner, too, following his active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Full Tilt Performance is poised for growth and the development of new and cutting-edge technologies designed to further improve fuel mileage and increase power.


Full Tilt Performance: Let Performance Work for You.

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